Sunday, March 28, 2004

hei... Dis is my 1st entry here... Hows life??? To me its seems so stressful... I reali dun like gerls hu flirt openly... Wif MY boi!!!! Hu m i toking abt, juz guez... That IDIOTIC BITCH!!!!! SAKINAH!!!! It was on our concert day... HE was toking 2 his frenz wen SHE came over n said smthg n HE started teasing her... At dis u mite b thinkin Hey he flirted back. U tink so... Go 2 hell ar!!! HE tteased her coz she asked 4 it... U can see it frm HIS face tt he couldnt b bothered wif her... Anyway, SHE started 2 prasan n SHE started pinchin n beating HIM manjaly as if HE was HERS... Dream on SUCKA!!! I booked him 1st.... Alls fair in love n war... MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!hmmm...tis is ma 1st entry n i m writin abt HER.haiz...loike SHE veri da special loike dat.aniwae i nd ta go fer mai class naw.i'll b back.

by jannah @ 3/28/2004 01:19:00 PM